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Sexuality and Cultural Background

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The Sexuality and Cultural Background

By Anne Griza
Psychologist and Sexologist

Other than a biological question, the human sexuality is deeply linked to the affective life, the personality pattern and the cultural background in which each one inserts.

The cultural background determines most of our acts in sexual life, what is in and what is out and which is taboo. Let's not get into the pathological matters of sexual nature, such as pedophilia, necrophilia or else. The idea is to demonstrate how much our cultural background influences in our sexuality.

Our relatives, kin, schools' influence us from very early stage. All of which inserted within a certain culture. The way such culture looks upon sexuality may influence in the sexuality mode of late adult life. Many sexual drawbacks like erectile dysfunction or orgasm dysfunction may have an emotional background stemming from what the cultural background demands from both genders.

It's known that not only culture feedbacks our sexuality, but it's a crucial point that shouldn't be left behind when thinking of sexual endeavor. It boils down to culture that establishes what is write or wrong in bed, as moral concepts to be followed. Therefore, many sex-related issues are considered taboos like oral sex, anal sex, sex acts, safer sex, homosexuality to name a few.

Our sexual desires and sexual fantasies suffer influences of what is deemed write or wrong. More often than not, we desire to experiment something in bed, but we set polices to ourselves and avoid asking our sex partners to follow us.

Many people spend their whole life sexually unfulfilled. Others however, don't know how to ask sex partners what they'd like to have done during sexual intercourse afraid that the other might find it weird.

Moreover, we refrain from bringing out desires by sheer insecurity concerned about what others might have to say. We don't thing a great deal of it, but it's intrinsic in each one of us whether something is allowed or not to be sexually staged with a sex partner.

Absolutely, rules are there to be broken, but there are a lot of preconceived ideas and taboos with regards to what takes place between walls. Otherwise, there hangs a great desire to break those rules if anything, but it doesn't take off.

There can promote a certain frustration towards sexuality. Not everyone enjoys the same thing, not everyone feels pleasure by the same way, for there is no established pattern in terms of sexuality.

The foreplay, during and aftermath of our sexual life hinges on social concepts and man made morals that hardly ever match hankers. When beginning sexual life has rules, how it should be along the way and even when it should end or not, given today's sex stunts that lube the driest ever vagina and devices that keep up erection in the most flaccid men.

Surely, culture is important so that humans will follow rules. All that can be done is adequacy by respecting our desires. It isn't hard, so long as we are sincere with ourselves and detached from certain preconceived ideas.



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