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Sexual Liasons Betweem Family Members In History

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Sexual Affairs Between Family Members

By Jonatas Dornelles

In every human society both partners of a couple would be forbidden from stringing up any sexual rapport with next of kin. Hence, the restrictions against sexual contact between brothers and sisters are almost universal likewise those concerning parents and their offspring. The prohibition for affairs between relatives and next of kin and siblings betweem themselves is bound to suppress any sexual rivalry and jealousy whithin the family core.

Nevertheless, exceptions pertaining to sexual congress between family members always being restricted to certain walks of life in particular, never reaching out for the population in general. The same goes with other peoples, like the Azande, dwellers from the east -Sudan, in central Africa, wherein the high ranking chiefs inhabiting along with their own daughters is a custom. In which point such incestuous liasons come established under the guise of everlasting relationship, other than offchance antics.

The stance against sexual relations between next of kin stemmed from cultural feedback rather than biological framework, since the close genetical linkage poses no deterrant to sexual input. In looking into dreams and fantasies from members of our society and elsewhere, there’d be unveilled the resilient sexual attraction between relatives and nex of kin, much like between siblings.

Furthermore, in light of the powerful underminding effects from preconceived ideas, most people are likely to suppress their own incestuous tendencies. Most societies outreach their prohibitions regarded incest beyond the family scope. In certain cultures the prohibition ranges as far as next of kin. Moreover, some societies, as the American-one, would comprise more relatives, such as cousins-brothers. 

Several societies broaden their prohibitions towards incest farther than that, in the sense of covering a much wider range of ilk. Ironically,  within certain cultures, the interpretation of incest is so ample that excludes as sex partners in potential half of the available population.

Emotional rebounds towards its stigmatization vary a great deal from culture to culture. Some societies seem to curb incest, treading on the believe that supernatural punishment would strike if it gets done. As for example of such like there’s some primitive peoples from Australia, which regarded the incestuous liasons as griveous crime, liable to insidious backwash.

Other societies seem barely aware of its existance, and perceive any transgression, except for anything regarding parents, offspring and siblings,as minor offenses, which might be easily dealt with and pushed aside. The degree of evaluation towards it varies from one society to another.

Whence, in so many cultures the incest between parents and offspring, ultimately between mother and son, takes the highest height, whereas in certain societies as matriarchal, like the Trobiandese, sexual rapport between motherly uncle and his nice means capital transgression. That’s because, in this culture an uncle asumes what for us would be the father’s role.

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