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A Brief on the Sexuality and Marriage for the Woman

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Marriage for the Woman

By Jonatas Dornelles

In the human race, the male, in contrast to the female, yields copiously amounts of sexual cells, being the outcome, polygamous by natural demand. The polygamous nature in man explains the polygamy of ancient times. In the past the male sex prowled on female sex counterparts, as many as could be grabbed then. What about marriage throughout the times?

Still back in the age of Homer’s the custom was the winner taken along with him, as a reward, the widow and the daughters of a dead opponent.

The whole Troy war got put on hold by several years because two of its generals couldn’t strike even about the ownership of a girl, caught as sexual token. Even so, the beaten track of marriage in civilized times would be monogamy. 

Up until the nineteenth hundreds the bulk population all over the world used to live in the fields. Rural lifestyle favored matrimony. Humping all day long, with no time to spare for growing bored, no amenities, no sexual fancies, other than what the daily duties would bring along as payback, and yet every family member should be alright.

Strings would be attached usually early in life. Then, around this time the life expectancy would be shorter. So too had the conjugal life in the rough its fair share of upheavals.

Appeared in the sexual approach of peasant lifestyle, the jealously and infidelity, the fallouts between father and son, between father in law and in-laws, sexual infatuation, the third party…it too wasn’t risk free amongst the thick skin.

So did the bourgeois stand in favors of matrimony at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Dwelled in towns in which the tribal spirit would thrive on. There’d have survived within family bonds as profound as the ancient clans. Each one would play a role in determining the other’s sexual life and their livelihood would be dictated by preconceived ideas.

The family principal was the father head. Due him established the son’s trade and the daughter’s marriage.

In order to get settled down, the daughters would get brainwashed towards marriage. The elderly siblings had to undertake, at times, the role of mother for their early sis, and so the maternal framework got push down the girls` throats. Grown used to carry out household chores, by her twenties the girl would be suitable for marriage. 

Happiness and disappointment sapped within conjugal lifestyle. There’d be complicated for the women to pull themselves through, once not alone, someone else would also endure some likely unfairness.

If a woman was given a man as a husband who’d only get back after midnight from the poker table or had affairs on the go, the solace would come from her mother and peers. That`s what men are like. God made them this way. Cheer up by the life you lead.

In the western front, since the half of twentieth hundreds, the woman began to gain better leverage in rights by the marriage.

Conversely, still used, in certain cultures, marriage undermined certain freedom of the woman as an individual. Sadly, often the financial dependency holds back the woman in some marriage that as far as she can see only spells despair. Idyllic would be a marriage in which both sexes had equal rights.

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