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Sexual Maturation

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In most cultures, sexual maturation comes latched on to the stigma of doom, hazard, shame and sin. There’s a strong likelihood between the restrictions and superstitions of the ancients`, and so many fears and bias from the modern ones pertained to the monthly inflow.

The first discharge actually represents major event, so much so that rituals of passage are deserved at certain cultures.

Upon such rituals the novice having her period for the first time is prevented from going near the opposite sex.

This distancing may last days, even months. Along this period, she would be confined down to a secluded place. This place would represent the maternal wing. To come out of it corresponds a sort of quickening and implies in definitely separation from the mother. 

Certain tribes the girl must leave her mother upon sexual unwrap and live as an elder woman.

Whence, the way some pundits see it, would the benchmark of the non-sexual mother. The sexual newcomer gets passed on from the mother special debrief on the sexual liaisons and marriage.

Such lowdown on sexual approach by the mother would outline the social patterns that rule the so-called adequate conduct towards sexual matters. Description on sexual liaisons, meaningful information regarded marriage and childbearing, lastly, contraceptive methods.

Within certain peoples as the Tonga tribesman in the northeast Africa, the teen girl had to go through a rough patch during reclusion period. Plus, subject to sexual mutilation, which stands for the sexual deflowering, anyhow. Hear ear lobes could be pierced, her skin tattooed or scoured, cut her hair and darken her teeth.

The ending of a ceremony is marked by dancing or festivity, through which the girl, after bathing in a purification ritual, then adopts publicly a grown up outfit.

Also interesting are the sexual rituals of the Marshall Islands, by the dwellers for purification purposes.

Therein, the girls coming upon their first period are taken into a special hut. They’d be followed by others alike, who play the role of supporters, and sexual furthering takes place.

The novice keeps her sexual department protected just like a grownup woman, and wears cotton pads for the inflow. Remains under custody for around 15 days, without neither fish nor meat consumed.

The one in charge of feeding is an elder woman, who also passes on songs to them and tells moral-ridden epics about sexual affairs.

Once a day, the girls take part in the cleansing ritual, which consists of sea bathing, putting on clean clothing and plant scents wearing.

By the fifteenth day, the final ceremony takes place, upon release of the sexed to be girl, which establishes the end of her naivety.

As could be noticed, sexual inflow would be riddled with cultural bias. In this context of significances that’s created around such casual phenomena, a host of rules and restrictions would come into play.

There could be supported then that any bodily discrepancy would be given some cultural meaning of a sort anyhow.



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