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Normality Wise Patterns in Sexuality

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Normality Wise Patterns in Sexuality

By Jonatas Dornelles

A brief lowodwn on the history of human sexuality as to how the sexual wise patterns of “normality’ and “abnormality” would change throughout the times. In the heydays of feudalism the brides were ultimately deflowered by the Landlord, in compliance to a code of practice established by himself, known as jus primae noctis ( rights for the first night). Who would accept such rights nowadays?

The guilt feeling latched onto sexual behavior only became part of a typical occidental stance from the moment when the medival Church had broaden its grip upon the peoples from Europe. Untill then, open and unrestricted sexuality would rule. In prizing virginity and chastity the church has taken an u-turn on moral values pertaining to sexual behavior- embraced intercourse only for reproductive means and outstripped any other form of erotic antics.

Yet, there’d been laid down around this time strict restrains agaisnt abortion, unlikely what happened amongst the Greeks, Romans and Jews. In certain periods, the condenations by downright backwards and stern sectors of the Church got to the point of affecting the very sexual relations between those steady couples.

One of which used to establish that those married should quit having sexual rapport on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, as well as Lent and prior to Christmas period. Having sex during pregnancy and forty days past it was deemed “sinful”.

However, by the time the ruthless fines began to push ilk to keep themselves within boundaries allowed by medival stances, a truly outbreak of sexual appals had taken over. Histerical possesions by demons and warlocks, sexual frenzy, fake pregnancies, self-flagelation in order to suppress temptations and other manifestations from such undermined sexuality.

In contrast to such corfu upon sexual repression, there was the situation by those peoples in which sexiness was, or still is, freely granted, much like the ancient Greek, the European themselves prior to the Middle Ages and just as many primitive folks to date. Even homosexuality from ancient Greeks wasn’t posed as truly deviation.

Then, it would be part of a pattern of bisexuality, in which the homosexual airings were considered as natural as those hetero-ones. Hence, the concepts of “normal” and “abnormal” sexual behavior should not be placed aside from the code of practice of a given society. 

Since those values are in constant motion process, we must get prepared for the possibility in what certain patterns regarded abnormal by the state of affairs, would not be perceived in the same way down the line. Patterns of polygami are usally determined by economic indicators, for instance. Even in societies that allow multiple unions, only those wealthy-ones would be entitled to do so, and monogamy, although not compulsory, is by and large the most widespread framework.

Statutory syllabus that regulate pre-matrimonial affairs and extra-conjugal also vary in most cultures. There’s a huge amount of societies in which extra-conjugal affairs aren’t just tolerated but expected, with no room given for condenation. Lending their women to visitors is a custom not only accepted but also encouraged amongst the Inuit people, who tend to get offended when their offers are refused.

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