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Female Homosexuality (Patrons of Lesbos)

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The Female Homosexuality

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

Homosexuality may be defined as having sexual attraction to persons of the same Sex. Being called Lesbianism when such an affective-sexual attraction occurs in women or Saphism named after the Greek poet Safo.

She was born in the island of Lesbos at around VI BC. Her work being praised by its refinement and subtlety, which demystified the most popular urban legend that the butch-look markedly masculine in appearance implies in total absence of sensibility and femininity.

Statistically, homosexual relations are less frequent amongst women than men and tend to cause less concern as well as commentaries. Which comes about due to the fewer cases of women publicly looking for homosexual companionship or seducing minors. The lesbian woman displays better control over her emotions avoiding to turn ravish in her sexual impulses, moreover able to subdue if that comes to be the case her urges of satisfaction. Such attributes of women’s sexual life fits in the general tendency for lengthening rather than intensifying, that is, while the male homosexual is able to short but intense explosions of emotions, the lesbian can suppress such explosive manifestations for much longer.

Lesbian’s bonds are rendered consequently less flamboyant and also less emotionally overburden.

Freud’s insights o­n women’s sexuality entailed studies about the theme “ lack of resolution o­n the envy of penis” associated to ill-solved oedipal conflicts. Lesbians compared with straight-women could be described as having fathers of kind and loving-nature as opposed to what was unveiled about male-homosexuals. Accounts o­n lesbians’ mothers weren’t however, different from those of heterosexual’s. Lesbians and straight-women may be alike physically, for they go by accordingly to the core arousal mechanism- kisses, fondling, oral-genital stimulation and genital alignment as such. Sexually stimulating devices are rarely employed, and if so, are most likely for o­ne off situation o­n experimental basis than being incorporated in a woman’s sexual habits.

Often preferable activities consist of hugs and warm physical- contact, and in a lesser extent genital stimulation itself. Which maybe peculiar of women seeking treatment other than average lesbians. Anyhow, as common ground there’s a need for affection that represents an important aspect of the female-homosexual relations.



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