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Sex In Different Cultures - Part I

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Sex In Different Cultures

By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

It’s interesting to observe the differentials in regards to sex in different cultures and peoples who make part of this world.

In Korea, the family is prized as institutional. Any affair outside marriage being forbidden. The blame of adultery, if disclosed, being placed o­n the women who even looses their jobs. In suffering from social discrimination and forfeited financial stability, they resort to prostitution as means of survival. Such state of affairs has driven many women into suicide.

In Japan, a time-stand consciously traditionalistic still exists a patriarchic familial framework. As in the father has the upper hand and all the family follows suit. The woman fulfills a secondary role having to satisfy the entire husband’s demands. This generates peculiar situations as seen o­n the movies and documentaries in that a woman walks behind her husband so as to avoid stepping o­n his shadow. Women fall under different categories as family thoroughbred, geisha girls or prostitutes. The family girls mainly from the most conservative families, prior to the wedding ceremony, receive from their fathers an illustrated book depicting detailed phases of a marriage relationship and the sexual positions.

The prostitutes as sold by the family, commence their education at a backwater geishas’ house at around 7 years of age learning to service senior geishas and patrons. In doing so, they learn how to sing and dance, play instruments, and acquiring literacy at around 10 to 12years of age. Being acquainted to the millenary art of love from 12. Yet there is a kind of talent- grading named as the Yukas, Keises and Tayus.

The geishas receive comprehensive training in the art of entertaining and satisfying menfolk. Lectures are given at Maiko school as apprentice comprises the popular local custom of Kimono (obi), its picturesque accessories and the exquisite hairstyle, learning to dance and make soothing remarks, being always politically and economically well informed for holding up conversations without expressing opinions. Also initiated in the tea ceremonial held in so much significance for this culture. Those geishas can long for a good matrimony with wealthy citizens. Prostitutes, however sharing the same origins, shouldn’t be mistaken as geishas lie in a higher social rank.

Those standards so far outlined differ enormously from westernized standards. Even if some traditions give off a macho-orientated impression (so women secluded to drudgery as subservient as slaves) as downright mingy and backward in comparison to the occidental world’s transformation. Yet it’s not down to us judge such customs. We know just too well that respect is fundamental for a better understanding. After all, knowledge is never enough seeing that all apprentice is constant and continuous.In so far as inspiring fantasies that enrich a couple’s sexual life.



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