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Kama Sutra

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Kama Sutra
When it comes to history of sexuality, the Kama Sutra is the most important piece of literature ever written. The title doesn’t have a perfect translation from Sanskrit but it means something like “rules of love” or “aphorisms of love”. Read more about Kama Sutra in this article.

A sutra is a verse that has been highly condensed, to easy memorizing. Reading and writing were not common skills to every people in those times, so the preservation of knowledge was done through oral tradition. The KamaSutra was written sometime between the first and sixth centuries, probably during the Gupta period (320-540 A.D.) which is considered the Classical Age of India. Almost nothing is known about its writer, Vatsyayana Mallanaga. He probably wrote the book while leading the life of a religious student and he probably did it as young, although many people would picture him as an old scribe.

A bad reputation has obscured the value of such book as an actual work of literature, since most people usually recall the Kama Sutra as being nothing but a list of sexual positions. The name has been used to sell tons of books containing lists of sexual positions or nothing but merely pornography. Actually, the part describing the positions is o­nly a small snippet of the entire work, which comprehends a total of 35 chapters. Besides naming positions, the book is a significant document about the history of sexuality, giving instruction in how to flirt, conduct a quarrel with a lover, the art of seducing someone and enumerating the varieties of kissing or to blend positions to stimulate libido. Another common mistake is taking the book as being poetic, with flowery words, whilst in fact the language used o­n the Kama Sutra is strong and direct, although far away of being pornographic.

More than an ordinary sex manual, the Kama Sutra is a complex and interesting work about sexual psychology, covering historical and anthropological insights of the culture at the time and of the history of sexuality in general. What makes the Kama Sutra so fascinating is work, as in how something written so many years ago in a culture so different to ours still influences our sexual lives as enticing our curiosity. In fact, it proves that there’s more than just o­ne way to face our sexuality, from a social and cultural standpoint. Unfortunately, the most faithful translation of the original Kama Sutra dates from 1883, by the British linguist and scholar Richard Burton and lacks of the forthrightness language the book actually had, due to the Victorian Puritanism of his times.

Evidently, some of the subjects and practices described in the book may look uncanny, eccentric to our frame of reference. It tell us even more about how complicated it is trying to determinate if some type of behavior is right or wrong in what refers to the human sexuality. Maybe, it’s actually all this forthrightness of language referring to things we are too ashamed to argue about today the real secret that fascinates so many current readers.

Despite the forthright manner that Vatsyayana deals with sexual practices, some would assert that the KamaSutra is even appropriate for teenagers, due to its historical and anthropological insights. More than most of today’s works of erotica, which are plenty of specific points of view, step-by-step techniques and not to mention the pornography, the (real) Kama Sutra may fill a blank space in people’s conceptions. Maybe a craving for initiation and training, that was so freely offered in the ancient Indian culture is what we really lack of, and something that people try to win back.

Another remarkable historical aspect that we find in the Kama Sutra is the importance given to the role of women within the relationship and intercourse itself. Without any sign of the prejudice and dissimilarity from men that we see today, most of time a woman was due to take lead o­n relationship, or possessing equal rights as husband inside four walls, to say the least.

Maybe, if this great work of literature, which is an essential document to the history of sexuality, was not so underrated and more well-understood, sexual education would be much less complicated matter. Differently from today, sexual issues and interpersonal relationships were treated as a natural, important and non-sordid matter from a very young age. Young people of both genders were taught about love and sex way before committing into marriage and consequently in sexual intercourse.

For the sake of information, let’s briefly see to what information the Kama Sutra covers:

- How to properly embrace your partner
- Petting and caresses
- Biting
- Virile Behavior in Women
- Prelude and Conclusions to the Game Of Love
- How to manage alone
- Forms of Marriage
- Examination of Sentiments
- Concerning Advantages and Disadvantages of Relations
- Arousing a Weakened Sexual Power.

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