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A Tale of Sex and Beasts

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Date: Aug 16, 2007 - 03:25 PM

By Jonatas Dornelles

The preference towards beasts as sexual objects is called Zoophilia. Rarely does it mean addiction, let alone a vice. Diffused well in the whole world and throughout the times. Zoophilia was practiced as a part of religious ceremonies for several peoples, ultimately amongst the Greeks. What else could be expected from such lewd sexual practice?

This sexual practice itself would be severely condemn by nearly all societies since times immemorial. In the Old Testament, by the Levites’ book, for instance, “If a man and a beast did have sex, both must be killed” can be read on the chapter 20th, versicle 15. The Christian rhetoric against sex with beasts is plain simple-semen mustn’t be wasted, once poised against familial establishment. The inquisition investigated substantial cases of Zoophilia back in colonial Brazil.

Within certain cases of bestiality, if bonds were built up there would bring out mutual fascination. A human being could grow strongly attached to an animal. In which point could lead into emotional strings attached that resemble those established by humans.  Yet the beast, which has been employed in sexual congress by humankind on and on, might grow deeply attached to this person.

There are cases in which dogs’ regularly masturbated could, off chance, channel their streak to react sexually on to the one who arouses them, letting go on their own female counterparts.

In several nations, bestiality means casual between teens from the countryside.  The beasts most employed in sexual antics are - calves, pigs, lambs, cats, and ducks and off course chicken, amidst other four-legged fellows.

Having sex with beasts isn’t so popular amongst females. Never the less, there’s also accounts on sexual congress between women and beasts from one culture too many. In Greek mythology, for example, the gods themselves would take up animal form in order to conquer women as pleased.

The most famous of some such affairs is that one which goes between Leda and Zeus, the Godfather of them all gods. Tale has it that satisfied from having married Tinder, king of Sparta, Leda jumped into the lake naked. Upon spotting her, Zeus fancied her deeply, despite being aware that she loved her husband and would never betray him.

The godfather decides then to pull a trick and get on her good side, turned himself into a beautiful swam then approached her. Mesmerized by the beauty of that bird, Leda draws near it. Before she realizes what happened, Zeus got her possessed and pregnant. 

No matter how exploited there might be, this issue always seems to raise eyebrows. So much so art and literature from most recent centuries on humanly sexuality never entirely ditched themes like such. Pictorial work and literature alike keep going back to the same notion.

On top of that, there we have examples of seemingly naïve fairy tales “the charming prince” and the movie “King Kong”. In the prime a princess falls in love for a frog and, upon kissing it, makes the animal return to its human flesh. In the late, its theme is the love of a humongous gorilla by a girl.

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