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Date: Sep 13, 2005 - 07:59 AM
By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

Pornography may be classified as, study of prostitution, collection of obscene pictures or paintings, characteristic of what transgress prudish, obscenity, indecency, permissively; anything done in pornographic fabrics, regarding sex as something dirty, as a catch.

The concept of pornography seemingly manipulated, throughout its history, in fabrics of imprecision and ambiguity, even so serving precise purposes and clearly bias.

Going back in time in order to get on top of it.

In the XIX century, the English justice, deemed pornographic, any given text written on purpose of corrupting the youth's moral, and with meaning that by hook or by crook would shock feelings of decency of any sensible mind. And yet, at the time, considered pornographic were all kinds of art likely to taint or shock with regard to moral, which even old-fashioned, would be kept by all means by defenders of a society as austere as decadent. Thus, censored was the crème-de-la-crème of all arts, its best.

As for the Americans, with more objectivity, were rather precise in their initiative, even though, not less prudish and bias. Since according to the American law of the time, any issue or thing that would exhibit or visually represent-or verbally, people or animals having sexual relations, would be deemed as pornographic contents.

Things haven't changed much since then, that is, hundred years after, we're still law-dictated and norms just as ambiguous as subjective that ended up delimiting the boundaries of our social behavior, but surely don't have control over our desires.

The Brazilian legislation, decreed in 1970, states that pornography comprehends any given publication or exteriorization contrary to moral and good customs in that exploring sexuality. But that is where all comes down to, what to make of good customs, moral and exploitation of sexuality. In addition, such concepts imprecision isn't restricted to one nation or another but a bigger and broader concept of equal flexibility, as it comes to show us that different eras and contexts make intimate part in the construction of such concepts.

Hence, it turns dangerous and somewhat bias to try and comprehend any given pornography that doesn't contextualize its inserted surroundings. Not that ideas and codes of conduct en vogue in a social group and in the historical moment of a certain piece or behavior would be considered pornographic.

Although it is impossible to articulate all variants so far described in order to conceptualize something so erratic, as pornography, within its inserted context, certain specific traits noticeably, which sort out pornography from eroticism.

The most trivial distinction lies in eroticism, there's connotation of "grandeur" and "noble", which opposes pornography, therein connoting "gross and vulgar". What grants a bestow of noblesse to erotica, would be the fact of not inculcating itself directly to sexuality. Whereas pornography would exhibit and exploit mainly such aspect.

Pornography; explicit sex and eroticism, sex implicit. Such definitions being well crystallized somehow in our society, given that commercially churned appeals in all pornographic material, especially movies, which come tagged, scenes of explicit sex.

Etymologically speaking, the word pornography, emphasizes a commercial aspect, which became prioritize objective of any given pornographic material post industrialization phenomenon. From Greek pornos=prostitute + grafo=write, the term pornography stands for the write of prostitution, in other words, a writing concerning the commerce of sexual love.

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