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The Roman answer:

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The Sexuality in Ancient Rome

In Rome, the history of sexuality had different patterns. The purpose of education both socially and sexually was to build up a ruling citizen Owing to cultural and political discrepancy the "Greek vice" was considered unacceptable. The ephebic love was not as important as in Greece, since the period of adolescence was considered shorter than in Greece.

Homosexuality was viewed o­nly for personal orientation and fashion, supposedly unexposed in public, and socially unaccepted. A significant aspect of the Roman’s ruling behavior was to have absolute rights upon family and slaves. Those rights in some cases included the permission to sexually abuse any person socially beneath the citizen, just as a statement of supremacy.

The Roman laws presented limits for sexual conduct and rights. Sexual intercourse among citizens and free bucks (children of free citizens or married women) even with their acquiescence was considered crime. Since slaves were not taken into account by the Roman society, those laws were not applicable. Both female and male prostitution (male passivity inclusive) was prohibited, by and large, mildly re-enforced. Citizens got o­nly stripped from some of their civil rights as much as it was viewed in Greece. Besides, Roman men had the rights for raping and striking prostitutes, who refused to execute services their clients so wished.

In contrast to Roman men with plentiful rights to keep affairs, married women were confined at home as household items, without possessions.

Roman women at the age of 12 had to marry consorts chosen by society, who were around their fifties.

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