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The Condom History - Sexual Health History

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The Condom History

By Anne Griza
Psychologist and Sexologist

After going through upheavals, as of revealing and traded off fabrics, wearing some sort of safe sex device went on mainstream. Royal members from all over the world would wear it and did go on to have sex outside marriage unconcerned about sexually transmissible diseases nor undesired heir.  

England was thought its major producer even so by craftsmanship other than production line. Thus sexual apparatus deemed mandatory asset for the male garment at the time.   

In the mid nineteenths, got the vulcanization process discovered, in which point ensured the rubberized condom would break even. Charles Goodyear, the great mentor behind the idea, managed to dissipate adhesiveness from latex, when heated up and added sulphur to its compound. However, his idea didn’t break readily into the market. It took more water under the bridge to the rubber condom go upscale. This new preservative appeared tougher and more streamlined than those made of beast linen. Nonetheless, still not discardable and could’ve lasted up to five years, and all it took was wash and dry after usage. Required talc to prevent from getting ends glued up together.

Throughout the two world wars its employment spellbound in light to the sexually infectious diseases.  Back at the day, there wouldn’t even be thought off AIDS, so diseases were mainly syphilis, gonorrhea or sexual herpes. Thus the so-called pros were the major supporters on the use of condoms, since along with it would keep infection at bay yet carry on working.

Up until the sixties, was quite popular the condom worldwide, though upon the advent of the contraceptive pill, at around the same time, it got pushed aside. The pill was deemed less invasive, because would not interfere in the couple’s overall joy and yet prevented pregnancy. These were the Dark Age in history of condoms. It became so obsolete that were anywhere to be found. Actually there were few and far places in between that would even sell condoms.

However, given the AIDS spread at the early eighties it went on to turning once again mandatory asset in sexual intercourse. Initially there used to be employed mostly in extramarital affairs, by sex pros or couples at the beginning of relationship.  Currently, however, a condom plays key part in every relationship, given the ever growing number of steady relationships, whose got infected by HIV from own partners.

Its efficiency rate in curbing pregnancy ranges around 99% and is the only mode to prevent infection by HIV or other STDs. Coming in ranges of color and size, with or without spermicide, for our total self-indulgence. Novelties are in by the day. New approaches and produce are in the pipeline. It’s all for the sake of safer sex and even more sexual pleasure.



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