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The Condom History - Lowdown on Male Preservatives in History of Sexuality

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The Condom History

By Anne Griza
Psychologist and Sexologist

In The Middle Ages upon the breakthrough that sexual diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhoea were transmissible through sexual intercourse, there’d be means necessary to curb the likelihood of contamination. From then on, sexual preservatives would be brought into play for keeping sexually infectious diseases at bay on top of preventing undesired pregnancy. Therefore, myriad techniques would widespread in attempt to avoid contact.

One of them would be linen encapsulation wrapped around the penis. It could be soaked in herbal concoction for enhancement purposes of its protective property. Nonetheless, who officially invented the preservative was the Italian doctor Gabrielle Allopio in 1564. His invention a hood of waterproof linen, custom made to the penis, soaked in herbal concoction employed in sexual intercourse both prior or post. So too the first and foremost who figured out and looked into it as disease prevention somehow.

Urban legends enshroud its beaten track. One of them tells that circa mid-century XVI, the king Carlos II, over concerns about the huge amount of “crossbred” populating England, prompted his personal doctor, the Condom doc, to come up with some device to suppress further offspring. The so-called doc made up a tiny bag out of ram’s intestinal linen dipped in almond oil. It’s currently thought that the so-called doc never existed.

All that was left of him is this tiny pouch of innards linen and its utilization. At the beginning of XVIII century, an English doctor, John Marten, came up with such capable method on curbing pregnancy as well as sexually infectious diseases. It was a pouch, bursting of his devised compound of whose formula never disclosed, so accordingly could keep venereal transmissible at bay while hampering the spermatozoid from reached the ovule. His invention caused enormous backlash, in turn by the perception of some historians, burnt down his treatises in great pains to prevent the youth from relying on his creation toward sleazy purported.

Down the line, meantime in the peace treaty assignment on the Spanish Succession War conference, needed to come out with some device for the gals partaking at the razzmatazz as distraction for the attendants so that they would not catch any sexual disease from the gals. A craftsman, helped himself from a bit of gut linen, tied up on both ends and created another variety of preservative. Thus anatomically perfect as far as the male penis goes as well as highly efficient in the prevention of sexual diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

At around the year of 1750, France ruled out the use of preservatives, having even sent those who would have it on them in jail. Never mind, along with the French Revolution, needed back on mainstream, otherwise made to fit every man accordingly and employed the intestines of oxen as thread.

Back then already the use of condoms was controversial issue. Despite knowingly its prophylactic use, most men would refuse to put it on, because they could not bear the idea of flashing their penises encapsulated in anything at all. This line of perception still on nowadays, disregarding of the sexually low key and snuggly features of today’s devices.



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