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The Condom History - Primordial Sexual Apparatus

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The Condom History

By Anne Griza
Psychologist and Sexologist

Unlikely what most people think the condom is not a modern invention. The notion of getting protected against sexually transmissible diseases and undesired pregnancy goes back in history of the humankind at least 15 centuries ago.

In Greek mythology already references existed to the use of something that could become the condom further on. History has it that the King Minus, son of Zeus and Europe and married to Psyche, was known by his living affairs and mistresses galore. Seeking to detour the husband from this lifestyle, she casts a spell on the king, turning his semen into snakes, scorpions and centipedes, which would kill any women who had sex with him. Psyche was the only woman immune against these creatures. Nevertheless, Minus fell in love for Précis and she in the attempt of having sexual intercourse with the king, without taking much risk, inserted in her vagina a goat’s bladder. So then, did go on to having sexual intercourse with the king Minus and upon his shooting caught the creatures trapped within it, saving the King Minus from his curse. Thereof, the Greek Mythology showed the preservative to the western world.

There are reports of the Chinese already employed encasement by silk wrap soaked in oil, which could be considered one of the first of its kind. Further, reports dated back to the year 1600 BC, the king Minus of Knossos, worn a certain type of preservative made of inflatable bladder.

Its initial use was aimed to the prevention of undesired pregnancy, as rarely thought about sexually transmissible diseases.

Some Egyptian tombs dated circa 1300 BC, depicted men wearing some sort of penial casing. Therein, such protection wasn’t meant for sexual purposes but intended to avoid scratches and bites on hunters.

In the early Middle-ages, it’s heard of the Turks had also their devices made of ram intestinal linen for sexual purposes. The Middle East around the same time had condoms designed from similar fabrics.

Not until the XV century, it got employed against sexual diseases. It came a long way until reaching today’s standards. Researches came about to contribute to its improvement much needed and useful in anything longing sex.



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