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India - Sex and Birth Control in The 20th Century

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Sex and Birth Control
In India, similarly to China, birth control and population exponential growth seemingly of concern for the country. As India reached 1 billion inhabitants (one sixth of the entire world population) in the year 2000. And yet, even with current birth control measures, experts expect this figure to double up by the year 2040. It is difficult to control such steadfast rate of growth upon poverty, religious and cultural spheres as well as misinformation when taking a toll. Birth control methods are not so straightforward for people to decide by the drop of a hat when they are about to engage in sex games, and then some to the turn. Especially concerning a nation whose roughly 50% of the entire population admittedly use some birth control method.

Another relevant problem interferes in proceeds of birth control in India, it's the well-known edge of boys over girls to matters furthering. Since dowry, system persists although now deemed unlawfully. It is expansive for the family upbringing a girl, too. Other crucial factors of overpopulated India:

  • The birth control method most employed in the country is the IUD, accounting for 38% of the female population. Besides being rather expensive as birth control method, it leaves room for several diseases and problems in the sex life of many couples.
  • When choosing voluntary sterilization, another common option in India accounting for 19% of women using some kind of contraception method. They don't affect positively the birth control policy, for nearly 60% of them wait until at least two boys come along, or the average amount of children in the country, four kids that is.

The birth control policy commenced in India around the 1950's. When the Indian government implicitly believed that its nation would follow other countries approach. Whereupon, ultimately, industrialization and significantly rise in standards of living would bring about changes in sex customs and dropping population growth. That unfortunately hasn't happen, as yet.



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