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The History of Sex in Fashion and the Penis Trend

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Sex in Fashion and the Penis Trend

By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

So much is said about the history of sexuality in human males and their sexual trends in fashion fabrics. Even ancient books like the Kamasutra mention this sex theme that still puzzles so many sexually connected minds.

At first glance, the male sexual organ-a.k.a. the penis seems irrelevant as far as the history of sexuality in fashion is concerned, right? As if lacking of the night glamour as ungainly for anything out of sexually orientated, and a way too bulgy for a working outfit. But it hasn't always been this way. In other times and places, there had been men who would dress up focusing on their penises as their main sexual goal.

Accounts suggest that the youth used to exercise in the nude in the Classic Greece. Therefore, in preventing harm to his penis, a man would pull his foreskin over the glance covering it and tying it up with hides laces. To prevent swinging he would string up the ends of the laces to his penis shaft. The net result was a small poach-like package called the Kynodesme. Apparently the Kynodesme would be the equivalent of the modern jock straps.

During the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance in Europe, about the XIV century, by and large, men began to wear garments that would highlight their manhood. In this age coats and clad were in fashion. As time went by coats got shorter taken up at knee height, so as to when a man would seat down or lean backwards any one could see the figure of his genitals through the fabrics.

History of Sex in Fashion and the Penis Trend What's more, money poaches that used to be worn on the sides of the body got shifted to the front end. Behind such poaches were placed swords and daggers swinging suggestively in between the legs. The jock-strap reaches its heydays in and around the XV century. All padded for extra penis and testicles protection. All of which, in color range and meant to be loud and funky. Some of most outrageous would bear a hardon penis designed pointing upwards. Also, it would keep coins, sweats, and handkerchiefs concealed. While youngsters would wear jock-straps the monks would not wear anything at all underneath their habits.

Some sexuality fashion historians argue that the jock-straps might've been devised in order to cover the genitals underneath short length coats. In contrast, others contend that the jock-straps were invented with the aims of hiding and protecting such expensive fabrics from mercury stains left as telltale mark of syphilis treatment of mercury based ointments.

Sensibly, there are out there those who would go by the notion that jock-straps appear as a part of armory for genital protection, when the armor plate went from an overlapping iron coat to its spiked wrought iron version. Anyway, it seems as though it'd been very popular amongst the male public as a sexuality trend in fashion. Figure out, having your penis hardening on all day long as a padded and symbolic erection- figure of speech. The jock-strap went out of fashion around the XVI century, with no special reason at all. History of Sex in Fashion and the Penis Trend

For a lot of men from primitive cultures, being the best gadget for the penis an ornamented pad. Its pad might cover only the penis glance or the whole shaft. So, at the end of the 60's, pads for the penises hit sexuality in fashion in Africa, Latin America, New Guinea, and the South Pacific Islands. In a range of sizes and colors and made of the most diverse types of material- as in vegetable fibers, shells, kerns, hides, aluminum, ivory, horn, bamboo and readily be worn with no extra cover whatsoever anytime of day. In some cultures pads are presented for daily use, war situations, and festive days and of course, sexual intercourse. It may denote either a male's sexual status or being an unremarkable fad.

There are other garments yet as well as accessories, artifacts, and sex innuendoes created along the run of the history of sexuality with underlying sexual attractiveness bore in mind. A bit on the history of sexuality in that male's sexual tricks to lure the female sexuality out of its sexual hide out. Expressing sexually can't do us any harm, all the way round. It's through the history of sexuality that we come to the clear perception of how important sexuality is for each sexually charged human male. After all, sexuality manifests itself in all fields, fashion inclusive.

History of Sex in Fashion and the Penis Trend



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