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History of Fashion Trends and the Male Sexuality

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History of Fashion and Male Sexuality

By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

Sexuality is constantly expressed through sex innuendoes along the history. Our male specimen wouldn't be otherwise. Male sexuality always gives away its sexual intends.

Some hundreds of years ago on human history, in the eighth century Japan, some shintoists invented a way for enfolding the penis labeled as "Korigami"- the art of enwrapping the penis for heightening sex-pleasure.

As it so happens, a man places his penis inside a paper sculpture of an animal. Once done and over with, he begins to imagine that his penis would have the same animal capabilities and then, he and his sex-partner can act out sexual fantasies inspired on that animal. Such " Japanese fitting" reached its peak between the ninth century and twelfth century but there are those who practice it to these days still. In a tour of fashion history we can find a man's way of dressing that some historians call as phallic symbols of sexuality.

In the treatises of Kama Sutra there can be found allusions to the enthralling power of fashion in luring sexuality out of both sex-partners.
Men used to wear long pointing shoes called poulaines between the eleventh century and fifteenth century. Apparently, so -invented knights' shoes would fit better in the stirrups.

These shoes gained reputation probably connected to the notion that the foot size would reflect the penis size, widely accepted at the time as apparels of male sexuality.

Some fashion historians view hats as "substitute penises". Some argue that just like the poulaines, the height of a hat would stand for the penis size so much so as the authority and the status of a man. It's said by some that male hats got smaller in height at the same time as women emancipation increasingly as time went by. Thus, as symbolic representation that the male " authority was being toppled".

The tie may also be deemed as phallic symbol of male sexuality. Given the way it hangs there-dangling, so decorating men's clothes. Men would give their best shot when choosing their ties inasmuch as choosing their shirts. The well sought after attractive looks so elegant as to please women sexuality as well. After all, the so-called attractive looks makes part of flirting and sex-games, even if only for one night-stand.

Also men's suits, although penis concealing, have played constant part on the history of male fashion for well over hundred years. A man adjusts his dangling parts to either side- left or right, or places it in the most suitable manner. Loose-fit and baggy trousers are of preference by those who enjoy freely masturbation. As it only takes a hand flung in one of the front pockets, and so clasp the old penis with no possible noticeably way of what is going on.

The trend of tight fitting pants, which was due dated since the first half of the nineteenth century, would hit mainstream in the early seventies with the advent of the androgynous look frenzy. Rock stars, the rich and famous alongside youngsters, would wear tight pants in order to make obvious their bulging penises. Whether made of indigo, leather or fabrics whichever was the material so long as they would fit tight. Furthermore, some daring rock legends would thrown in some kind of filler or stuffing for even more bulge spotlight on the volume of their penises. It's all documented on footage, photographs and memorabilia of the heydays.

Therefore, it's conclusive that also men manifest outwardly sexual intents through clothing. In brief, a history tour through accessories, trinkets of casual and social draping alike that have had their spot under the light of sexuality. Jeans whether tight or with flares and leather trousers got in our daily sexuality as we speak. The so-called modern man meets at the fitness centers and health spas the best mode to show off and express his masculinity by wearing sport attires and highlight his body figure to boot. Anyway, whether vanity or pure exhibitionism, there can be said that the penis is always much en vogue.



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