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The History Of Viagra

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The History Of Viagra
All about the History of Viagra and its impact in the sexuality of the modern men.

The Viagra, which brand name is sildenafil citrate, was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 1998 as the first non-surgical treatment option for erectly dysfunction that doesn't require to be inserted or injected directly in the man's penis. Surprisingly, such modern and innovative was nearly discovered by accident. Originally, the drug was tested by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals as a heart medication. Those studies were stopped in 1992 due to unsatisfactory results of the medication in patients suffering from chest pain.

However, Pfizer researchers notice some properties in the sildenafil citrate that may shed a light on the treatment for erectile dysfunction. Tests so proved that the substance could really be a hope for men that weren't able to maintain an erection long enough to engage in normal sexual activity.

Clinical trials involved patients with age ranging from 19 to 87 who had a condition of erectile dysfunction due to the following problems: serious spinal cord injury, diabetes, history of prostate surgery and also patients with no identifiable cause of sexual dysfunction. Some of the patients also presented coexisting problems such as hypertension, and coronary artery issues. The various tests were held worldwide, with 3700 random patients, placebo-controlled, leading to the approval of the sildenafil citrate only six months later, since the results were very satisfactory and presented no significant side effects.

The news about the so promising blue-pill spread fast among the medical community and also in the general media. It was difficult at the time to pass the information that the Viagra was a serious, proved and controlled medication and not actually an aphrodisiac. The substance acts affecting the man's response to sexual stimuli and not by provoking a plain and simple penis erection. It means that if a man using Viagra does not receive some sexual stimulation of any kind, the medicament simply does not work. The Viagra effects work when blocking a specific enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5, which is the enzyme that breaks down other chemicals that are responsible for man's erection.

The use of the sildenafil citrate is controlled since its efficacy was proved. Since then, its potential cost was the primary reason why the substance is not used in a larger scale. Either for the health services or patients who would have a Viagra prescription, the price is still high, although significantly cheaper in comparison to the other types of treatment available. The amount of people looking for a Viagra substitute or a manner to low the costs ended up leading to illegal sales, contraband and manufacturing of low-quality illegal Viagra imitations. Those imitations are strongly not recommended. It's impossible to know what was used in the pill, and it can be extremely dangerous. The only safe way to buy Viagra is in a well know and trustworthy drugstore (it does not include any kind of sex shop). You can also order Viagra online in virtual drugstores, where you can also get Viagra samples, but depending of the country, there can be ethic, legal or safety issues.

There are several other substances being tested (particularly in the U.K.) to produce new medications to control disorders of the male sexuality. Researchers believe that within the next few years, those Viagra Alternatives will be available, presenting more efficacy in the inhibition of the phosphodiesterase type 5 and fewer side effects. It is also expected scientists to produce drugs that may act directly upon the brain, bringing even better results.



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