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Self-Pleasure or a Cure for Disorders

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The History Of Vibrators
Who invented the vibrator? And what for? The history of such device may tell us a bit more about the history of sexuality itself.

Everyone remembers back in our heydays how many times we'd heard about the inventors of the telephone, the light bulb or the nitroglycerin. But what is to say about the inventor of vibrators? Evidently, they're unlikely to teach us that in school, but let's agree on that, it would be a way more useful for most women rather than who invented the nitroglycerin ( though being both indisputable highly hot ingeniously creations ). Most definitely, vibrators usually end up being the theme for jokes, but in fact are the most underrated responsibles for many of the discoveries surrounding the female orgasm, the clitoris structure and its physiology as well as for the women's acknowledgement of their own pleasure spots during masturbation or even in partner-sex.

The first sex toys that we know actually go back long before the discovery of electricity, in ancient Greece where women made use of a device called olisbo to masturbate. Olisbos were nothing more but what today we know as dildos. Made of hide or even wood and lubricated with olive oil before use. There are also archaeology findings of thousand years old sex toys in Asia.

After the electricity becoming widespread in 19th century, the actual vibrator started to take its form as an American doctor called George Taylor created a "steam-powered massager" and two decades later, the British physician Joseph Mortimer also came up with a new model of massager which was battery operated and portable. But isn't that weird that the vibrator was created by physicians? Why would they create such device? If we bear in mind how the female sexuality was regarded back then, we'll figure out that it couldn't be other than give women better orgasms.

Those doctors were trying to find a treatment for a female disorder. But it has nothing to do with lack of orgasm, cancer or other disorder that we're familiarized to hear the new progresses of medicine. Those guys were actually seeking a cure for hysteria.

Although, the very existence of hysteria as an actual disease was debunked during the 1950's, at that time it was believed that hysteria would be the result of the womb's inflammation due to a lack of sexual intercourse. A "hysterical woman" of then, was a synonym of a woman in need of sexual relief in order to chill out her mental and emotional distress and to exude the fluids off her inflamed womb. Let's remember that masturbation was also considered something forbidden and "against nature", so any married woman or teenagers who had been caught up masturbating would be a potential patient suffering from hysteria. The doctors applied what they called genital massage to relieve the hysteria provoked distress. It's easy for us to figure out that any woman would appear being relaxed, calm and allayed after a good session of multiple orgasms (which was called "hysterical paroxysm"). Even were the massagers employed in mental institutions, so as to calm down seemingly out of hand female patients. Rather than masturbation alone, other more "serious" types of misbehaviors may have been interpreted as the symptoms of hysteria. Thus, such symptoms may range from an abusive sexual lust to activism.

Descriptively, how were such treatments employed may seem for today's standards as a bizarre cross- between medical-grade report and downright pornography.

It's hard to believe that orgasms were touted as spasms due to the release of both fluids and distress, seeing that the existence of sexual pleasure in women was neither believed nor accepted, back then. The orgasms produced by the massages couldn't be regarded as something sexual, since the treatment didn't involve penetration (the vibrators were not penis shaped as today's models) given the fact that the existence of the clitoris as a sexual organ was completely unknown to our forefathers.

After being hysteria considered no longer an actual disease. As well as scientists discovered the physiology of orgasm or else the importance of the clitoris as a complex and delicate organ in that essential to the female pleasure, became vibrators popular and readily available to ordinary tax-payers even by means of mail-order catalogs. At this point, still were they considered a sex replacement, used by lonesome unfulfilled women, who would be victim of jokes were their concealed vibrators found . Currently, there can be vibrators in every color, shape and size ever thought possible, remote controlled and gadget supplied. A woman with her own vibrator looks as if self-sufficient, who knows how to take the most out of her bodily functions, and still enjoys very pleasant moments of intimacy. From deemed almost as a self-punishment instrument to a device revered by any self-proclaimed independent woman ( as seen on the ham Sex And The City, for an instance at random). This essay comes to give us an insight of how prone to changes our concepts are likely to evolve on the female sexuality over a period of time.



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