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Sex In Different Cultures - Part II

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Sex In Different Cultures

By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

As we learn more about Sex and sexuality in other cultures, we perceive further how much its values, customs and traditions have influenced and will do so in our own sexuality.

I’ve recently written an article about Sex in Japan and South Korea. Their customs towards sexual behavior still receive as strong influence a establishment as old customs and traditions, which differs from Sex culture in the occidental world. Let’s take dowry for instance, so much en vogue in and around the southeast region of Asia. The father pays his dues according to the daughters’ skills whether artistic or even sexual. The less privileged Chinese families still sell their daughters as prostitutes regardless of Mao’s words, for money would go a long way in spite of politics.

In Thailand, women are trained for many years in the techniques of Pompoarism that strengthens and develops pelvic floor muscle and organs. All done through exhaustive sets of specific exercises with the aim of obtaining pelvic floor and organs’ total command of functions and movements.

Developed initially for rites of fertility, such techniques sprang from temples’ domain winning hearts and minds of women along the years, who had in its practice as form of giving pleasure and improving men’s performance. It turned out quite popular among prostitutes who began to promote and employ such techniques. Being currently pre-requisite to any o­ne willing to work as escort at nightclubs and whorehouses.

Those who visit the country today can enjoy public functions at brothels, at which women skillfully can demonstrate by smoking cigarettes placed between their labia, or suck o­n objects like pin pong balls and spit them out afterwards by contracting the vaginal muscle rings. Also pull a banana up and chew, sip water and dance in meantime to release it thereafter.

History has it that such techniques became known in the west through gynecologists, mainly after a German doctor Arnold Kegel began to employ o­n his patients as means of treatment to strengthen perineum musculature in order to prevent colpoperineumplasia and general urinary incontinence.

As time went by, there was noticeable heightening in arousal potential of vaginal sensations, as most women who followed the treatment reported. It was taken from there to be employed in treating sexual dysfunction namely Kegel exercises.



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